how to install the bamboo decking

Heavy bamboo flooring is also called bamboo silk flooring. It is made of high-quality bamboo fibers and pressed by several thousand tons of high-pressure technology. The selection of this kind of bamboo flooring is more refined than that of ordinary bamboo flooring. It is a new type of bamboo man-made board, taking bamboo as the raw material and is processed according to the manufacturing process principles of recombined wood. There are four surface profiles of REBO bamboo decking:
1. MF021/DF021: flat surface design
2. MF121/DF121: small wave grooved surface design
3. MF321/DF321: big wave grooved surface design
4. MF621/DF621: small groove surface design
Customers could choose the styles they like. 


To better install the outdoor bamboo decking, there are some necessary accessories: 
1. Joist: as the base before installing the decking. Wood, metal, bamboo material, all is ok, whatever you need.

2. Clips and Screws: stainless steel materials. For decking clips, REBO suggests DC05 clips( the first image ), it is stronger in griping, the gap between the two boards is about 6-7mm. For siding clips, you could use our DC06( the second image ) for the good looking after the installation.

Clips and Screws (2)
Clips and Screws (1)

3.  Electric Saw


4.  Steel Tape  


5. Spirit Level


6. Rubber Hammer 


7. Electric Screw Driver


1. Before installation, please keep the products in dry and shade place, avoid the sunshine and the rain. 
2. Before installation, clean up the worksite, make sure the basic is flat and stable, the drainage is smooth and conforms with the requirements of the construction design. 
3. The joists should be fixed on stable cement-blocks or cement-tiles. Ensure decking slope 1-2 degrees from level in order to shed water. 
4. The distance between the joists must be between 450 to 500mm. By a deck of 1860mm length need min.5 joists. 
5.  Distance from floor to the bottom of the decking should be 80-150mm. 

Here are the Installtion Guilds for reference:
1. The base installation: two ways for your reference 

1) Minimum: Cement-tiles under the joists


2) Professional: Use double-layer joists on cement-tiles for long-term stability 


2. The head jointed: REBO bamboo decking is designed with tongue and groove head, so the two boards can be jointed together very easily.


3. Siding Installation Method: You could use DC 06 for begining and ending. boards can be jointed together very easily.

how to install the bamboo decking (1)

4.  Decking with symmetrical grooves in two length sides can be fixed together with clip DC05 to the joists. Distance between the board is about 6-7mm after the installation. 

how to install the bamboo decking (2)

Here some customers will be confused about the gap between two boards. Why there should be some tiny gap between them? As is known to us, for outdoor decking, there will be expansion and shrinkage rate under sunshine and rain, so it is necessary to leave a tiny gap for the boards to suit the different climates.

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Post time: May-07-2021