Choosing the Best Decking Products

An architect’s or a designer’s search for the right decking products for a construction project is an important task. With fast developing technologies and rapidly evolving designs in the construction space, it is extremely difficult for one person to make a choice the best possible flooring products.


Outdoor decking is gaining its popularity as new private homes. Investing in a good outdoor flooring material is paramount for creating a stylish and comfortable oasis. There are plenty of options of decking materials in the markets, such as wood decking, WPC decking, bamboo decking, etc. You may be very annoy about how to choose them.

1. Outdoor Wood Decking

The most common outdoor flooring is none other than wood decking. Available in varieties of species, natural wood decking is commonly used for the exterior due to its cooling characteristics. Wood decking creates a little pocket of nature in your outdoor area. However, in order to make much more wood decking, trees are agressively cut, which badly destry the environment, and the price of wood is increasing badly.

2. Wood Plastic Composite Decking (WPC)

Wood plastic composite decking is also very popular nowadays. WPC is made from raw plastic and sawdust. Unlike wood, it do not need maintenance, for the color is dead, but it is very easily influenced by the different climates, which will cause expansion and shrinkage to the boards. More importantly, plastic is made from petroleum, a limited resource. Therefore, recycle of wood-plastic is very hard

3. Strand Woven Bamboo Decking 

As is known to all, bamboo takes just 5 years to become useful material, which means that it is an endless and sustainable resource in the world. Strand woven bamboo decking is durable, hard, strong and have many characteristics that suits the outdoor application. It is heat treatment, totally different from that of solid bamboo. Strand woven bamboo decking is getting more and more popular in the world, due to its high quality and competitive price.


There are many reasons to consider bamboo products for an elegant new deck. Its high dimensional stability means that it resists expansion and contraction under different climates, making it an ideal product for outdoor applications. REBO® Bamboo Dedcking planks feature a tongue and groove head matched system , so that the two boards can be jointed very easily, the grooved sides system allowing for clips installation with the joists.

Weather resistant E1 standard bamboo decking boards (3)

REBO® offers a 30-year warranty for residential use and a 20-year warranty for commercial use, which speaks to our belief in the quality of our product.So strand woven bamboo decking is indeed an ideal material for a construction project or home, garden building and decoration.


Post time: Nov-02-2021