Benefits of Strand Woven Bamboo Decking

Strand Woven decking, also named heavy bamboo decking or restructuring bamboo, is a type of decking material, which is made from compressed bamboo strips. The composition of the material consists of bamboo and dynea glue. Here, we are going to take a look at the benefits of strand woven bamboo decking.

Strand woven bamboo decking is a new decking material and has become more and more popular in the internation markets. It is a good choice for the building and construction material.


1. Durability

Strand woven bamboo is made from compressed bamboo strips, through our 2700 tons hot pressing machine, which makes the boards very durable, hard and strong. Tests shows that REBO strand woven bamboo decking is performed Durability Class 1—very durable(according to EN350).

Such kind of board resists mold, scratching, staining, etc. It’s so durable that you could get even 30 years of guarantee on your product for residential use and 20 years for commercial use.


2. Low Maintenance

To be truth, strang woven bamboo decking is miliar to wood decking, the color will be fading after a few months’ using and it needs some easy maintenance to keep its good looking and prolong its use life. All you need is to follow the maintenance instructions, which is really an easy work.

Normally there are two colors—medium carbonized(wood similar color) and deep carbonized(dark color) . It’s important to note that there will be some mildew occurred for medium carbonized one, due to the technology treated, however it is only on the surface and is easy to be cleaned away. In general, some maintenance is necessary to keep the boards good.


3. Sustainable and Eco-friendly

As is known to us, the raw material of strand woven bamboo decking is bamboo, it is a kind of grass that has the fastest growing period in the planet. Also it can be regenerated after havesting, which is very friendly to the environment. Nowadays, with the increasing awareness of protecting the environment, more and more people would like to use bamboo decking instead of wood decking or WPC decking or others. Bamboo is indeed a sustainable and endless material!


4. Cost-Effective

For a new decking material, some persons may feel that the cost is high, but acturally it is not so expensive as hardwood. For wood, the price is increasing incredibly these years, due to the environment-pretection issue. So bamboo decking is an excellent replacement for wood and WPC decking and can be kept for many years(as mentioned on the maintenance). In other words, you can save a lot of money for it can last for years.


5. Easy Installation

Similar to the wood, it is installed by clips with screws. REBO will provide installation instructions, it is easy to finish the installation under the instructions.


6. Formaldehyde Emission: E1

REBO strand woven bamboo is a very safe material. Test shows that this type of board meets the European E1 standard. So why not consider REBO bamboo decking when you want to build a deck? Contact us for more details~


Post time: Oct-14-2021