Bamboo In China

Bamboo is one of the most beautiful plants in the world. It is not only evergreen and elegant but also has tenacious vitality. China is the country with the richest bamboo resources in the world, the earliest development and utilization of bamboo resources, and the largest bamboo area, known as the kingdom of bamboo. Chinese bamboo culture has been around for five thousand years. It is used for food, clothing, housing, and transportation. Where people live, there is bamboo. One side of water and soil, one side of scenery; there are humanities and beautiful bamboo on the other.

bamboo in China
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Bamboo is full of treasure, inexhaustible. Throughout the ages, human beings and bamboo have been born together. The nature of nature creates things, and the craftsmanship is great. Numerous folk craftsmen have created unique bamboo objects and works of art with diligence and wisdom. With this life form, countless bamboo has achieved the unique bamboo art civilization and intangible cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, revealing the historical changes and evolution of civilization behind bamboo, and exploring the craftsman spirit and cultural heritage in bamboo art. Record the beauty of bamboo, the beauty of bamboo art, and the beauty of craftsmanship. It will reveal the mystery of bamboo survival and lead you to find the most beautiful bamboo town in China.

REBO is one of the manufacturers that takes bamboo as the raw material to produce varieties of bamboo panels, such as bamboo decking, bamboo flooring, bamboo wall panel, bamboo horse stable plank, bamboo beams, bamboo joists, etc. All the bamboo boards are natural and environmentally friendly, due to bamboo's natural and sustainable characteristics.


With an open heart, it stands tall and upright. It is noble and upright. Take bamboo as a guide, and know the spirit of a gentleman and the principle of honesty. Sitting alone in the bamboo, playing the piano and whistling. Taking bamboo as the basis, we should know the importance of culture and the spirit of art. It is also tough to make thousands of blows. Everything needs the north wind. Take bamboo as an example, and see that it is stubborn and fearless. The special character of bamboo has penetrated into all aspects of the characteristics and spiritual life of the Chinese nation. Appreciate the spiritual belief of plant personification, inherit the excellent quality of the Chinese nation through the ages, be a gentleman, and have oriental charm. Chinese bamboo soul.

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Post time: Mar-06-2023