Bamboo decking care–cleaning and maintenance tips

Bamboo is a strong type of grass that is ideal for making extremely hard terrace and decking boards. A bamboo deck makes your garden a natural and beautiful look. Outdoor heavy bamboo flooring uses the best bamboo material, and is made through strick processing technology. The heavy bamboo floor is non-toxic, odorless, firm and stable, and resistant to insects. It is the best choice for outdoor venues, such as parks, communities, squares, etc.
However, an outdoor bamboo flooring can become dirty and greyish over time. Proper clean and maintenance is important to keep the deck as beautiful as possible.

1. Why is it important to do the maintenance?
There are many factors that will influence the decking boards, such as leaves, pollen, frost, rain or lots of sunlight. Different weather conditions in different places have a lot of influences on the appearance of bamboo boards. In such circumtances, the decking boards will get dirty, color fading and may get splinters and cracks. So it is very important to do some maintenance to keep your deck in good condition.

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2. How to do the maintenance? 
Bamboo decking board, like tropical hardwood decking, it is necessary to maintain it with water-base oil (e.g. Woca oil ) at least once a year. REBO suggests you do some clean and easy maintenance immediately after the installation of the decking board, for some scratches will be made during the installation.
Here are some tips for reference:
First of all, you should choose some suitable tools to cleaning the boards.


1) Clean the decking board: wash it with water or using special cleaner to get rid of mucedine and dirt then clean it with brush.

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2) Make sure the decking boards get dry naturally and apply outdoor water-based oil.

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3) Protect the maintained area until oil gets dry naturally.

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Here is the color contrasts of REBO M-series(medium carbonized) and D-series(deep carbonized) 

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Regular maintenance of outdoor heavy bamboo wood flooring can maintain the overall effect of floor laying, and it is not difficult to maintain. So if you want your deck looks as beautiful as before, maintenance is very necessary. It is an easy working for you, right? For more information, please feel free to cnontact us.

Post time: May-07-2021