• Bamboo In China

    Bamboo is one of the most beautiful plants in the world. It is not only evergreen and elegant but also has tenacious vitality. China is the country with the richest bamboo resources in the world, the earliest development and utilization of bamboo resources, and the large...
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  • Is Bamboo Termite-Proof?

    Bamboo is a type of grass, not a tree. The rounded stem also called the culm, is hard on the outside and hollow on the inside. Bamboo grows very quickly and can be very intrusive. As it grows faster than trees and can be harvested sooner, typically in three to seven year...
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  • Commercial Applications of REBO Bamboo Decking

    When it comes to picking a decking material for a project, there are many factors that influence the decision, especially for commercial projects, where deteriorated surfaces can pose a threat to public safety, so high durability and stability are key important. Well kno...
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  • How To Choose An Outdoor Deck?

    With the continuous development of the times, the types of decking are gradually increasing, you will be confused about “How to choose an outdoor deck?” Firstly, Let's start with the mainstream outdoor decks currently on the market. A...
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  • Bamboo–A Giant Woody Material For Construction

    Bamboo takes 3-5 years to become useful material, It is favorable for construction purposes. Due to its properties of greater strength, impact toughness, fireproof, durability, easy workability, and availability; it is widely used in the construction field. Bamboo has ve...
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  • Bamboo Wall Coverings – Bamboo Wall Panels

    Bamboo is quickly winning popularity as a beautiful and sustainable alternative to natural wood. Thanks to its durability, attractiveness, and versatility, architects and designers are even fond of bamboo wall paneling. As a construction material or decorative applicatio...
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  • How To Choose A Bamboo Deck?

    How To Choose A Bamboo Deck?

    REBO bamboo deck is made of bamboo fibers which are treated with high-temperature carbonization, 2700 tons hot pressing, and our unique production technique, the bamboo deck will shrink and swell less than most solid wood decks, so our bamboo deck can provide a very stab...
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  • Bamboo–The Fascinating Building Material Of The Future

    China makes it possible today to have almost unlimited access to the eco-friendly building material of the future. As a result, bamboo is no longer just a material for a select circle of enthusiasts and connoisseurs, but a full-fledged and affordable alternative to wood ...
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  • The Versatile Values of Bamboo

    The Versatile Values of Bamboo

    Bamboo is a precious wealth endowed by nature to human beings, with huge ecological, edible, medicinal and economic values. Bamboo forests are widely distributed in the world and are known as "the second largest forest in the world". The bamboo industry developed by usin...
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  • Bring strand woven bamboo products in your mind

    Bring strand woven bamboo products in your mind

    Bamboo is grass, and the variety used for flooring is different from the plant that grows in a pot on your desk. This is Moso bamboo, which reaches its full height, 40 to 80 feet, in its first year and thickens to 6 to 8 inches in diam...
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  • Common Bamboo Decking Problems And The Reasons Behind

    A beautiful terrace deck is an ideal connection between the living space and the garden. It is not only an added aesthetic feature of any house but also an efficient way of extending the home space and providing a place to entertain vi...
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  • Bamboo Decking Flooring–The Best Option for Outdoor Application

    We often spend hours, days, and weeks planning out how we want the interior of our homes to turn out, but what about the outdoor spaces that come together with our homes? Whilst there are a lot of ways that you can make your garden are...
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